Use Code "FLA" For 10% Off Your Entire Order!
Use Code "FLA" For 10% Off Your Entire Order!
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Every order helps to pay for food and tuition for someone in need.

Faculte Des Theology Biblique Des Freres

FTBF in Central Africa Republic is a seminary that partners with Grace College Seminar in the United States. FTBF trains young men and women to serve God. Help them find the light and bring people to Christ.

The Faculte de Theologie Biblique des Freres located in Bangui, Central African Republic, is a leadership Training Center for those who are called to minister. They share the Gospel to unreached people and train leaders for the ministry in over 300 local churches. In regard to the on-going unrest of the political situation in the country, people are desperately in need of sponsors to donate. Donations help 100 men's and women's to be trained, and purchase school supplies for over 400 kids. With your donation, you can make a difference in this country:
- Giving opportunities to train, pastors, churches, planters, and leaders.
- Allowing children to attend school that can better prepare them as the new generation of leaders.
- Developing gardens that can provide food for the students and their families.
- Raising animals that can provide food for the families to avoid malnutrition.
May God bless all that you may have and be able to provide for others by doing good… (2 Corinthians 9:8)#god #godisgood #godbless #yeshua

The Children

Every child deserves to be happy and loved. That's something the seminary takes seriously. Christmas is one of the children's favorite holiday because they get to perform in front of their parents, have dinner, praise, and worship God.

The Problem: Resources are limited

What can you do?

When you purchase our merchandise we provide a donation to FTBF. Every donation big or small helps these families in unlimited ways. 


Provide food for children, a better education, and a seminar to help them be the leaders of tomorrow.


In 2019, we were able to send 10 computers to the seminar. Our goal is to do more than that. We want to create jobs for the parents and open more doors for them.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Help provide the equipment they need to help train others. 

Ready to make an impact?