About Us

My name is Moise and my wife's name is Kristin. We are a family owned business from a small town in Indiana. We pride ourselves on making custom designed products like t-shirts and hats. 

The name of our business is from the three most important aspects in our lives.

  • Faith; well, this one speaks for itself.
  • Love; for our families and friends.
  • Africa; is for my country Central African Republic.

Why did we start the business?

We started designing our own clothes because we had a hard time finding exactly what we wanted on the internet. Shortly after we started, every time we would wear our t-shirts or hats people would ask us about the meaning behind them. This gives us a chance to share with them our love for our religion.

We also donate to a seminary in the Central Africa Republic, to read more


                                WEAR IT LOUD, WEAR IT PROUD