Meet the Owner



Growing up in the Central African Republic, where opportunities were limited, life was challenging. My parents always taught me to pray, no matter what was happening around us. I had big dreams, but living in Central Africa meant it was hard to achieve them. Then, in 2015, I got a scholarship to come to the United States, and that changed everything for me. I taught myself how to program, and eventually landed my dream job.

As I worked as a programmer, I felt a calling to do something more. So, I decided to start a clothing brand that would spark conversations about God. I've been working on this brand, Faith Love Africa, for about three years now, often staying up late into the night.

I'm writing this message with immense joy and gratitude for everyone who has supported my work. It means the world to me when people tell me that Faith Love Africa has led to meaningful conversations about God.

My dream is to do this full-time. I want to share the gospel, worship God, and inspire others to do the same.

My goal is to support incredible missions and non-profits that spread the Gospel. You wanna know the coolest thing about that? You get to help me do it and you get high-end apparel in the process.

Grab something here and help me build the best conversational brand on the planet.


Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.