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My name is Moise Ngoumape born and raised in the Central African Republic, respectively a husband and father to Kristin and Omari. The episodes of struggles-from hawking on the streets to selling blankets- gave me the eagerness to be an inspiration to my people back home. Despite economic difficulties, the lack of opportunities did not stop me from attaining my goal of becoming the man I envisioned for myself. I fortunately secured a scholarship in 2013 to pursue my tertiary education in the USA to become a self-taught programmer and serial entrepreneur. By God’s grace, my wife and I established this venture after a short conversation regarding avenues of bridging vibrant youth to Christianity through clothing.

With an immovable faith to lure youth into Christianity, we are creating a community of believers who will become ambassadors to the gospel through our apparel.

Growing up in a Christian household, my parents were missionaries who preached the principles of good deeds to scores of congregants. As a result, we collectively support other pastors in areas of dire need. In our future philanthropic exercise, we will create an initiative by providing relief packages such as food commodities and form a training program that will transform the craft of becoming young, passionate entrepreneurs and successful role models in volunteering to other communities.

As a brand, we are representatives of Faith -complete trust in God, Love -loving our families and friends, and Africa – the grassroots of where the dream began.

When you wear our apparel, we want you to SHARE YOUR STORY through your personal encounter with Christ and join us in supporting the movement.

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Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.